Monday, November 14, 2011


Well here I am taking a step into the blog world and exposing myself and my creative side...
I have always been creative, I have always tried new "craft" ideas or messed around with "art"  In college I did a lot of mosaic step stones for customers and had a good little gig going on, except you can't ship those bad boys so I only did them locally and it was fun.  School, work, and calluses and somewhat of a carpel tunel issue came into play and I stopped.  No joking aside, those tile cutters are KILLER on your hands!

I work part time and have a three year old little boy.  One night I just decided I was going to get the ol' paints out and see what happend.  My husband and son were both asleep so it gave me the quite and the space I needed to just get messy and get right into it.  All of my papers in middle school and high school were covered in doodles and the margins would be completely full of them.  It truly is how I listen!  I have to be using my hands.  Even when I taught school my agenda for the faculty meeting looked like that! (maybe that was just a way to make it through class and meetings :)

THIS is what started the whole shebang, an outlet that I clearly needed to keep my head straight!
This was just free hand, acrylic paints, india ink and ball point pen.  Oh, and my dvr full of Gossip Girl and possibly a cocktail... 

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  1. What a beautiful painting to get your creative mojo flowing once again! I have seen several of your masterpieces and they are truly amazing Lindsi!

    As for the tile cutters, I totally feel your pain sister. I seriously think my right hand and arm are telling me "no more!"

    I am so glad to see that you have started a blog. I look forward to seeing what your creative future unveils...I know it will be fantastic! :)