Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christy Tomlinson Workshop

I had heard about this awesome workshop and I thought I would take it (an online class offered HERE)  I mostly wanted to take it to learn about new products and how to use them on canvas.  I learned THAT and MORE!  She is known for her She Art girls, and they are so cute!  I loved making the girls and I do like that I learned how to do girls like her, but it has been so much more fun finding my own style and my own way of using mixed media art.  I am actually signed up for her second workshop to learn more about great ideas and products.  I think that she is going to teach on doing art on wood... Good thing I already do that so maybe it won't be such a foreign idea! 
Here is the first girl I made while taking the class
She is still one of my favorites


  1. Lindsi! Welcome to Blog Land, its a great place. Amy Baldwin sent me here. Great look.

    Love your She Art Girl. I am thinking I need to do the 12 ornaments class. I want to take everything!

    Nice t omeet you!

  2. I think I might do christy's 12 ornaments class too, that is if I am feeling ambitious! Great talking with you today! :)

  3. Girls! LETS DO IT together! Even if we take it now and do the ornaments next year it would be worth it. :)